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on-z-road is proud to promote in the Benelux, the Overseas contemporary Music and further its Jazz.

Caribbean Jazz 

What about a Belgian Caraïb Jazz Festival?


The association for the development of the creole music (ADMC) introduces its pedagogic work like so: The multiple musical genres and traditional rhythms of French Antilles (chouval bwa, gwo Ka, Mazurka, kompa…) offer a wide musical styles and is  alive with an original palette. That's why we would like to share this Caribbean Jazz, as a real footbridge between traditional music, jazz and current music styles, which allows the musician who wishes to find ways of enriching and asserting his personal musical language, to do so in building and developing his possibilities of expressing his music.

Even for the public, that specific caribbean jazz can't remain indifferent of its groove.

Are there any takers ??!



on-z-road wants to improve the visibility of those talentous Musicians. Some of them have been working also with many famous artists all over the world as Angélique Kidjo, Tony Allen, Tania Maria, Kassav...

You can find on this website an introduction to their original work, or just some news and references about this new wave of artists.



The B.Caraib.Jazz Adventure began in 2011 celebrating "L'Année de l'Outremer" in France,  with the support of the french Outremer Ministry and the Province of Liège.

Dédé Saint-Prix came in Liège and performed a wonderful concert at the Jacques Pelzer Jazz Club. 


             2013, on-z-road organized a special Hommage to Aimé Césaire in Liège, with the support of Alliance Française, Ville de Liège, Province de Liège and the Crowne Plaza Liège.


2015. We were proud to announce the masterclass of Alain Jean-Marie for the first time in Liège!! and the duet "Connivences Antillaises" with Daniel Maximin (writer and poet) during "LES PARLANTES"


2017 Focus on Guadeloupe and Gwoka with Caroline Bourgine, Roger Raspail, Thierry Vaton & Georges Granville.

What about next year? Surprises to come in June and  November!!


If you are interrested in discovering, welcoming, booking, one of these artists… if you are interrested in practising that caribbean Jazz just enjoy the visit and contact us.


                                                    The team

© Fabrice Paimba & Jempi Samyn.




More to come…

Be Caraïb' & overseas Jazz in Belgium


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